Entry Fees

6 DOG 50 MILE = $50
8 DOG 100 MILE = $200
10 DOG 200 MILE = $300
10 DOG 300 MILE (QUALIFIER) = $400

Entries received before December 1st will have their name entered in a draw for the refund of their registration fee.
No entries will be accepted after 12:01 am, Friday, February 12, 2021.
In case of withdrawal before the race start, 50% of the registration fee will be paid out if withdrawal is before February 1st. There will be no refund for withdrawal after February 1st.
Entries received after January 31st must be accompanied by cash, money order or certified cheque.

A refundable bib deposit of $50 per set of musher/handler bibs and musher binder is to be paid at registration. Both bibs and binder with signed checkpoint clean up pages are to be returned in exchange for refund at the Awards Breakfast.

Agreement / Waiver

1. I agree to be responsible for my conduct and that of my handler and dogs.
2. I will not hold the Gateway North Sled Dog Race Association Inc, its members, race
sponsors, landowners (both private and government) or the race committee, employees or
volunteers, individually or jointly, responsible for any injury or damage to myself, handler,
dogs or equipment.
3. I also agree that I will not bring sick dogs to the race. If any of my dogs have been sick in the
last 30 days, I will furnish a vet certificate of good health prior to the race. I understand that
failure to comply may result in disqualification from this and future races.
4. I have read and understand the Official Rules of the Challenge, and agree to comply
with all the rules as set down therein, including any amendment made up to race time.
5. I give the race organizers and sponsors permission to photograph my team and to use as they
see fit any photographs taken before, during and after the race. I also authorize race
organizers and sponsors to use information in this application for the race guide and in news
articles and press releases.
6. Under 18 years of age. I have obtained the permission of my Parent/Legal guardian to participate in this category.

Your application

Your application being accepted is at the discretion of the rules committee.
Entry into the race which includes listing on the website will ONLY be complete once this registration form has been accepted, and the entry fee payment has been made in full.

PAYMENT - Email money transfers to race@canadianchallenge.com
For Money Orders or Certified Cheques please post to the address below:

Canadian Challenge Dog Sled Race
Gateway North Sled Dog Race Association
Box 52,
Prince Albert, SK.
S6V 5R4

Tel: Anna Bolvin: 306 278 3372